Self-centered New Yorkers


As New Yorkers, we go to sleep almost every night and wake up every morning thinking we live in the center of the world, the best place in the universe. So, it’s almost natural that when we think about the massive catastrophe Covid-19 caused our unbreakable city, it is hurting us more than anyone else.

9 months into this mayhem, from our New Yorker’s selfish point of view, it started to feel as if this pandemic was created especially for New York, not because we did anything wrong or we deserved it, but because we almost wanted for something like this to happen, we probably needed something like this to happen, so badly for so long to shake things up…

Think about it, New York has changed so much right in front of our eyes in the past 15 years. It traded character and culture for corporate benefit, genuine soul to efficient mechanism. Nothing could be done to stop those massive corporations and their mega stores from kicking the moms and pops store out of the city. Cost of living became unbearable for anyone who is not part of the corporate train, block by block, it has all shifted, and they’ve been doing it peacefully for years. The ongoing rent hike kicked out all the artists and made students’ lives more miserable. Basically, we all have to pay more and more of our income toward rent, food, higher gym memberships and expensive lattes. We got to a point where nothing could be done to roll the ball back to a time when it was once easier to live here. Even a super socialist like De Blasio was barely able to create a dent in the machine. New York was racing to become a place that less and less of us could afford, if you want a taste of it you’d have to be a fucking tourist, by 2030 all you’ll be able to get is just a nibble. Living in it, would be possible through dreams and movies only, for most people.

And just like that, without even noticing, we were living here hopelessly without knowing what to do or how to do it, how to bring New York back to it’s people…

And then came Mr. Covid-19, bullying us out of our normal lives, locking us in, scarring us away… but also forcing us to restart the economy… Yes, it’s bad, it’s sad, and its lonelier here (if that’s even possible). But, just think about 2022 for a second, once the dust settles, and the city will start licking its own wounds, there will be a fresh start, paying rent would be much cheaper, you could potentially be able to afford that west village apartment you always wanted, prices have dropped to levels we haven’t seen here in 15 years ! Perhaps you could open that café with your buddy you always dreamed of, there are plenty of vacant stores to choose from. Refinance your loans, negotiate your interest with your bank, there will be many opportunities that people of my generation, and definitely younger ones have never seen before.

My advice is, try to enjoy it, sharpen your instincts instead of crying about it, don’t miss the train, don’t wait for prices to go back up once again… Because they will. After all, this is New York City.

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